Saturday, July 2, 2011


It all begins August 31, 2011.


ToB said...

You know Eric, I respect the work you and Fabrizio have done on Titans.

But as a long, long-term Titans fan, I don't see much in DCnU that really respects the Titans as Titans. I hope announcements for October or later may change that. But right now, it looks like the characters are mostly being killed off, marginalized, retconned out, sidelined.

Those characters - as a group - were different and better in certain ways than Bats or JLA. And they were dear to an established fanbase who have been very, very patient with over twenty years of 'bright ideas' that did not do any favours for the Titans franchise. I get it if you'd rather not respond to this comment. But you are the Titans writer right now; please know a lot of fans of the classic Titans are (as far as I can tell from the forums) unhappy with the way that group of characters has been treated. I think we all get that this could be going somewhere else, or somewhere where a big picture announcement or crossover event could make these changes make sense. But in the meantime, without criticizing the path you had to follow in terms of general game plans in your stint on Titans, I really wish you and Fabrizio could have been left on Titans and eventually brought us a real Titans book.

EWROTE said...

Hey, there ToB:

I totally understand where you and other fans are coming from -- no worries. However, as someone who also loves those original Titans stories, I think you're going to LOVE "The Methuselah Imperative" storyline that starts in today's Titans Annual. It might not make up for your pain, but I think it'll ease it just a bit.


ToB said...

Thanks Eric, still following to see where you'll take us.