Wednesday, December 14, 2011


A very different MISTER TERRIFIC 2-part adventure begins today.

Not only does our hero meet the villainous alien race known as THE KRYL, he also finds himself thrown into outer space. (Actually, it's the ninth dimension...) Yes, after an initial 3-part story set primarily in his home base of Los Angeles, Mister Terrific goes COSMIC. Cool, eh? Of course, you might be asking yourself, "Uh... why leave the cozy confines of the City of Angels to set a story in dimensional space?"

Good question, friends.

The answer is... JACK KIRBY. The King's cosmically-inspired artwork in books like FANTASTIC FOUR (Galactus, anyone? Or the Silver Surfer?) just blew me away as a kid. Same goes for THE ETERNALS and later, KAMANDI. (Okay, Kamandi's not cosmic, but it is ridiculously AWESOME.) By setting Mister Terrific's HQ in the ninth dimension, I immediately knew we'd have opportunities to tell some far-out stories. Issus #4's story, "Exposed," is the first. In it, you'll get aliens galore, action, incredible interstellar artwork from the brilliant GIANLUCA GUGLIOTTA, and maybe even get a few clues of things to come in our hero's future.

So pick up a copy today and get "exposed" to a different kind of superhero!

MISTER TERRIFIC #4 -- Out today from DC Comics

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