Friday, March 23, 2012


EUREKA'S FINAL SEASON is almost here. And to get you ready, Syfy has released this promo. Look for glimpses into the past, as well as NEW FOOTAGE from our all-new fifth season.

Eureka returns MONDAY, APRIL 16TH... BE THERE!


Want the scoop on the penultimate issue of MISTER TERRIFIC? Well, THE LA EXAMINER has it. Just go to the link below for a groovy review of Michael Holt's latest adventure. Oh, and in case you can't tell from the artwork above and below, this one's full of ACTION!

Not only does this issue introduce a new villain, DIGITUS, it also gives the beginning of the explanation as to why KAREN STARR has been hanging out with Mister Terrific in the first place. You might even get the answer the question many have been asking for months now: "IS KAREN STARR REALLY POWER GIRL?"

MISTER TERRIFIC #7 ... available now in both print and digital editions from DC COMICS.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It's the beginning of the end of the beginning for LA's newest superhero.

Since his new adventures began in issue #1, Michael Holt has had a falling out with his girlfriend, KAREN STARR. And also since then, many folks have been asking, "Is this New 52 version of Karen Starr just a businessperson or is there more to her than what we've seen so far?" Well, my friends, the answers start this month in MISTER TERRIFIC #7. It all leads to shocking revelations next month, plus the arrival of an exciting new villain, DIGITUS.

MISTER TERRIFIC #7... the penultimate issue from DC COMICS: available now in comic shops or as a digital download.