Monday, May 14, 2012


Do you like hot bodies?

Well, who doesn't? That's why you're going to love tonight's all-new episode of EUREKA. It's on Syfy at 9pm EST. More good news? The story is from yours truly with a teleplay by Eureka co-creator/executive producer JAIME PAGLIA. Even more awesome news? The episode entitled, "JACK OF ALL TRADES," features Herr Paglia's amazing DIRECTORIAL DEBUT. And how did JP do?

Frakkin' amazing!

You won't believe the amount of sheer fun and character-y goodness in store for you tonight! All in all, this ep. was a labor of love from all those involved, from us episode scribes, to the rest of our producing & writing staff, and all the way up to Vancouver with coolest cast & crew in da biz. [Sniff. Starting to miss everyone again...!] Oh, and you might see some skin tonight. I'm not saying whose. You'll have to tune in to find out. Let's just say everyone really liked the dailies on this particular episode.

A lot.

EUREKA... tonight on SYFY. Check it out. It's all part of our amazing final season, which has only just begun!

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