Tuesday, July 3, 2012

LA EUREKA fans, come say good-bye next Monday, July 9th. The Paley Center will be hosting a special evening with the shows creators & cast, plus they'll also show our pentultimate episode, "Double Vision" to be followed by a Q & A.

Hope to see you there!



Silver Zeal said...

Hi there Mr Wallace,

1st time posting here....r there any other projects u r working on tv/movies?

Any chance u r still working on any upcoming comics? If so wat titles, starring which characters & in which publisher?

Any chance u cud work 4 Marvel or do creative own stuff @ IMAGE or r u exclusive 2 DC?

EWROTE said...


I'm happy to say that I am now in the early stages of bringing a creator-owned comic book project to life. More on this soon, but I hope to have an official announcement later this Summer. Stay tuned.

Silver Zeal said...

Kool...we/SZ anxious await!