Friday, February 17, 2012


Still looking to the stars for some sign of your favorite show's return? Well, your wish is about to be granted. That's right, Syfy fans. EUREKA returns this April for its fifth and final season. And what a season it is going to be.

When we last left our heroes at the end of Season 4.5, Dr. Allison Blake and the rest of the Astraeus crew had vanished. Where did they go? What surprises await them? And what shocking secrets will be revealed? The answers begin in a mere 8 weeks from now, and I think you're gonna love what's in store. Yes, this is EUREKA's biggest and most exciting season ever. And it all culminates in a wonderful series finale that just. Might. Make. You. Cry.

EUREKA SEASON FIVE premieres Monday, April 16th on Syfy. Be there as your favorite small town experiences a season full of amazing revelations and kickass sci-fi thrills. It's gonna be a blast!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


There is a lot of snow in this issue. I love snow. Always have. I grew up with it a lot living on the East Coast and in Europe. But that's not the only reason there is a ton o' the white fluffy stuff in the latest MISTER TERRIFIC adventure. Nope, the plethora of winter weather is also because this issue takes place on the Icelandic glacier of Vatnajökull. And why there? Several reasons. One... it's cool. Very cool. Two... I love Björk. And three... I've always wanted to visit Iceland, and this comic book might be as close as I get for the next decade or so.

So enjoy the latest icy adventure of LA's grooviest superhero, which pits him against a very French new villain called THE TOMORROW THIEF (and yes, for the record, I have been to France). You'll also meet DR. LILY ERIKSDOTTER, Mister Terrific's old flame and an engineering genius in her own right. Will Mr. T and Lily rekindle their former romance? And even if they try, will a certain French baddy get between them in a lethal way? Well, since this is a comic book, the answer is probably YES. But the real question is, will love conquer all? Find out now. Oh, and Happy (Early) Valentine's Day.

MISTER TERRIFIC #6 - "Cold Hearted"... ON SALE NOW from DC Comics.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Celebrate VALENTINE'S DAY six days early when MISTER TERRIFIC #6 hits stores and digital outlets this Wednesday, Feb. 8th.

You can also get a sneak peek at the issue, courtesy of MTV GEEK right now. Just check out the link below and meet our hero's latest nemesis, The Tomorrow Thief.

And a special thanks to OLIVER NOME, this issue's guest artist, for filling in! Don't worry, MT fans. Regular artist GIANLUCA CUCLIOTTA will be back next month.