Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Going to this year's GALLIFREY CONVENTION in Los Angeles, CA? I am, and I hope to see you there. I've been going to this convention for 20+ years, and a fantastic time is always had by all!

Some of my favorite moments over the years have been chatting with new friends at an impromptu party only to realize halfway through the conversation that it was Sylvester McCoy and Sophie "Ace" Aldred (it was dark and I was just a wide-eyed newbie!), discovering the "all-new" Big Finish audios with their very first release "The Sirens of Time," finally meeting my all-time favorite companion Liz Sladen before she passed away, hearing Nicola Bryant speak for the first time waaaay back in 1993 and discovering--to my shock--that she isn't American (!), listening to the reunited cast of the 1996 movie perform a live running commentary on the film over a decade later, and--of course--listening to Colin Baker pontificate! (I love that guy!).

But the best part about a Gallifrey con are THE FANS. The people who put together and who attend this event are fantastic, fun, and friendly as heck. Because of this, I've made a lot of friends there over the years when attending each convention, and I hope to make many more again this year. In a nutshell, Gallifrey One is a wonderful testament to all-things-great about genre fandom.

Now, if you are coming this year, make sure to pop into the "48 FRAMES PER SECOND" panel on Saturday. I'll be joining fellow Whovians James Kerwin (director, "Yesterday Was A Lie"), David Gerrold (writer, Star Trek: "The Trouble With Tribbles" & tons of other stuff you love), and Steve Roberts (senior DW Restoration Team content producer). We'll be discussing THE HOBBIT and whether or not "HFR" (high frame rate) photography / content is the next big thing in entertainment. And yes, we WILL work DOCTOR WHO into the conversation somehow! Because, well, it's a frakkin' Doctor Who convention, eh?  

Saturday, Feb. 15th @ 1pm
[Click on the link below for complete schedule details}

The 24 Hours of Gallifrey One... see you there!

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