Sunday, February 3, 2013


Things get spooky this August.

Yes, THE LUCIFER GAMBIT is my latest DARK SHADOWS audio drama from Big Finish Productions. And it is just one of SIX new DS audio plays coming this Summer.

Yup. Six new stories featuring your favorite Collins family members from six great writers produced by the awesome Big Finish folks, the same folks that bring you those incredible DOCTOR WHO stories.

You can pre-order THE LUCIFER GAMBIT now by going to the link below. Oh, and LUCIFER will feature a classic DS performer in their first Big Finish appearance.  Who is it? Sorry. No spoilers here!
What?  You have never listened to a DS or Big Finish audio drama? Then go to the website below and check out the fun:

You can also order my previous DARK SHADOWS stories. First is THE WICKED AND THE DEAD (a stand-alone story that is also a great place to start listening to the DS collection).

Next is KINGDOM OF THE DEAD, a four-CD collection that features the entire classic DS cast, including David Selby/Quentin Collins, Kathryn Leigh Scott/Maggie Evans, Lara Parker/Angelique Collins, and more!).

Dark Shadows: The Lucifer Gambit... available AUGUST 2013.  Check it out. A whole new world of supernatural fun awaits!


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