Friday, September 26, 2014


What's up, Doc? 

No, seriously. What the @#$% is Doc (as played by the awesome Michael Welch) doing with that crow bar? If your guess is, "Something gross, dude," then you win the prize. Yeah, it's definitely something gross. Or kinda awesome. Or ridiculously disturbing. But then this show is Z NATION, so you know what to expect by now. Especially if you know that the "Z" in Z Nation stands for "zombie!"

If you haven't tuned in yet, tonight's your chance. Z Nation airs Fridays at 10pm PST on Syfy. The horror-adventure series follows a group of survivors tasked with taking the only survivor of the zombie virus to a safe haven in California. Tonight Doc, Maddy, Garnett, Warren, 10K, and Mac take one step closer to getting "the package," aka the surly, untrustworthy, & dentally-challenged Murphy, to the West Coast. Or is it really one step backward? After tonight's episode, you be the judge. I'd say from the looks on Addy, Doc, and Mac's faces... bad things are afoot, dark secrets are about to be revealed, and yes, more Z-blood will be shed.

And although Cassandra seems to be content sharing a meal with a friend in tonight's episode, which is entitled "Philly Feast," viewers with weak stomachs might want to think twice before enjoying tonight's show with a spoonful of gruel. And hey, gruel is overrated anyway. Try pizza or a nice pasta instead.
Z NATION. Tonight. Syfy. Get bitten.


Cea Cea Depp said...

Did anyone ever send u hate mail because of that "debate" done on SF Vortex back in '97 when MST was given a 2nd life on SciFi network? EXCEPTIONALLY Curious!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 said...

If a tree falls in the forest, would Roger Corman go over budget?

Mystery Science Theater 3000 said...

"This Movie has been thoroughly Cormanized."

MST3K 4EVER said...

Also very curious on how u feel now that Rifftrax is indeed giving non-B movies the equal treatment u begged 4???